Fast Food Nation:

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The movie, which is loosely based on Eric Schlosser’s best selling 2001 book Fast Food Nation displays the “dark side of the All-American meal”. Fast food and the food industry has become a huge part of American society, and the movie reveals the social, economic, and technological characteristics that the fast food industry contains. Its extraordinary growth and popularity has been crucially driven by the changes in American society. The movie also examines the health risks involved in the fast food industry, as well as its environmental and social consequences.
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Film was shot in Austin and Houston, Texas as well as Colorado Spring, Colorado, and also in Mexico.

The Cast:


Fast Food Nation contains several intermingling plot lines through various characters.

Don Anderson is the Mickey’s Hamburger Chain marketing director who created the “Big One”, its most popular burger on the menu very similar to the Big Mac at McDonalds. After learning that there is a considerable amount of fecal matter in the meat of Mickey’s Hamburgers he travels to the town of Cody, Colorado to determine whether Uni-Globe processing plant, a meatpacking plant, is guilty of poor quality products. Throughout Don’s investigation many assure him that Uni-Globe’s products are completely immaculate. Eventually,

Don connects with Rudy Martin, a former supplier of cattle to the Uni-Globe plant. Rudy guarantees Don that because the extremely high production levels, workers were forced to ignore many safety regulations.

Amber is a teenager studying for college, and an optimistic employee of Mickey’s. Throughout the movie she faces a moral dilemma between her current career and her ambitions that is highlighted by her two lazy-coworkers, who consort a robbery of Mickey’s after they heard of numerous robberies in the area. Visited by her uncle Pete, he emphasizes her departure from Cody to start a real career. She eventually meets a group of activists whose aim was to take down Uni-Globe and all other environmentally unstable companies. Amber and the activists group proceed to liberate the cattle, but are unsuccessful in releasing the cattle. Amber quits her job and tries to achieve her ambitions.

Raul, his girlfriend Sylvia, and Sylvia’s sister Coco are illegal immigrants from Mexico, trying to make it in America. They end up in Colorado and go to Uni-Globe in hopes of finding a job. Raul and Coco both find jobs at Uni-Globe. Raul becomes a cleaner, while Coco works on the meat processing line. Sylvia cannot stand Uni-Globe and finds a job as a hotel maid. Yet, despite finding these jobs the struggle that Raul and Coco have working for Uni-Globe are vast. Their supervisor Mike gives his workers drugs to get through the long hours quicker, and also has affairs with the new women workers, eventually having one with coco. Events take a turn for Raul, as his friend falls into a machine and get his leg cut off. Raul, attempting to save him, falls and is injured. Being unable to work, Sylvia has sex with Mike in an attempt to find a job at Uni-Globe. She inevitably gets one, but is on the “kill floor”.


Film premiered in a competition at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. Fast Food Nation opened on 321 screens in the US on November 17, 2006 and earned $410,804 on the opening weekend. Its total worldwide box office earnings were $2,209,322.


Fast Food Nation is a gritty movie that displays the deficiencies of big food corporations, especially their lack of ethical behavior to the consumer, the environment, and its workers. I really enjoyed the movie because it shows an in-depth struggle for those involved in with the Fast Food Nation. It is a great exploration of the fast food industry and ultimately shows light on the dark side of the “All American Meal”. Although this may or may not be complete truth, the message is clear for the viewer that there is something seriously wrong with the fast food industry.